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Youtube Video Note:

"Sung by the 100th Battalion, 442d Infantry in 2004 during a US Naturalization Ceremony for 130 soldiers. 120 of the soldiers were from American Samoa. The 100-442 INF has 2 companies based in American Samoa."

The song starts with "My heart rejoices in Jesus..."
Visitor Comment:

"Talofa to all Manuatele. I am in search of my family ancestry. I am a daughter of the late Tu'uao Siaosi; he also goes by the name Tuimoloau. I know my dad hails from the village of Sili, Manu'a. I have sketchy information about my Dads family background, but I know a few names from my Dads side like my Uncle Fetui Malelega, and Aunty Mauiu Scanlan. So, if anyone has any idea of my family background, any help would be appreciated." (Tufa Montgomery - Lincoln, Alabama)

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You can now watch some local programs produced by KVZK-TV, American Samoa.

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