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Military Support Group - Samoans Helping Samoans
Compiled by MAJ Laupola

Samoans helping Samoans was one of the topics that Governor Togiola discussed with the delegation from Ft Bragg in Washington DC earlier this year. As a result of this meeting and an effort by First Lady Mary Ann Tulafono to solicit families that can sponsor and support our Military Academy recipients at their respective institution, a roster was compiled to help transition and support our Samoan new recruits at major military training installations.

This roster is by no means inclusive but a document that can be built upon and updated to help set our Samoan new recruits for success and transition them into the military. The names listed are those families that have volunteered for this noble cause. All service members are encouraged to help out with this effort because you can all make a difference in the lives of our new recruits.

Ft Bragg, North Carolina

Ft Jackson, South Carolina

Ft Leonardwood, Missouri

Ft Sill, Oklahoma

Ft Lewis, Washington

Ft Riley, Kansas

Ft Lee, Virginia

Ft Hood, Texas

Ft Gordon, Georgia

Norfolk Virginia

Ft Campbell, Kentucky

San Antonio, Texas
Lackland Air Force Base * Fort Sam Houston

Ft Benning, Georgia

Ft Stewart, Georgia

Ft Irwin, CA

Naval Station Great Lakes, Chicago

Ft Huachuca, Arizona

2Lt Philip G. Yandall commission into the U.S. Army
(Written by MAJ Laupola)

Second Lieutenant (2LT) Philip G. Yandall was amongst the 8 newly commissioned officer from the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Army ROTC Summer Commissioning program 12 August 2009. The purpose of the ceremony was to give the newly commissioned officer their oath to become officers in the US Army, pin their 2LT ranks and render their first salute.

2LT Yandall receives his oath from his father, Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CW5) Robert Totolua Yandall, while his mother Gwen and sister Christina Yandall pin on his 2LT ranks. He receives his first salute from Marine, Lance Corporal Patrick Nolan. After he returns the salute, 2LT Yandall presents a silver dollar to Lance Corporal Nolan. It’s an Army tradition that newly commissioned 2LT presents a silver dollar to the first enlisted Soldier who salutes them. The coin symbolically acknowledges the receipt of respect due the new rank and position.

2LT Philip Yandall is the son of CW5 Robert Totolua & Mrs Gwen Yandall. The newly graduate of NCSU also receives a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and an active duty commission. 2LT Yandall is Branch Infantry and is planning to follow his dad as a member of the US Army Special Operations Command.

Families and friends of the Yandalls were present to witness the commissioning ceremony. Each officer was given an opportunity to be commissioned individually as the master of ceremony read out the name of the person that will administer the oath, pin-on the ranks and the service member that will renders the first salute.

Each individual officer was given an opportunity to address the audience during the program. 2LT Yandall thanks the instructors for their hard work and acknowledge all of his uncles and aunties (SgtMaj Joseph Yandall (RET,) Philip Yandall, Thomas Yandall, Tagilima Yandall, Saitaa Yandall and aunty Gail)that traveled for the ceremony and especially his parents and his sister for their love and support through out his ROTC years; "I know its hard to follow dad's footsteps, serving faithfully and honorably to the US Army over 37 years with 5 more years to go before he retires, but I'll strive to do the best I can."