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January 1, 2015: Talofa to all Manuatele. I am in search of my family ancestry. I am a daughter of the late Tu'uao Siaosi; he also goes by the name Tuimoloau. I know my dad hails from the village of Sili, Manu'a. I have sketchy information about my Dads family background, however I know a few names from my Dads side like my Uncle Fetui Malelega, and Aunty Mauiu Scanlan. So, if anyone has any idea of my family background, any help would be appreciated. (Tufa Montgomery - Lincoln, Alabama)

January 27, 2014: Talofa to all my people of Manu'atele... It is a blessing to see so many people, especially the young, searching their ROOTS. God Bless Manu'atele as well as our brothers and sisters from Tutuila, Aunu'u, Savai'i and Upolu. My family name is LEASAU (Igoa Sau Mai Tu'i Manu'a)... I'm also showing respect to other "Royal" names such as.. NUA, MOLIGA, and LEFITI. My Grandpa is a LEASAU from Ta'u, and my Grandma is a MUASAU from Ofu... My bloodline is 100% Manu'atele. I was born and raised in California. I'm interested in my Samoan history and family tree. God Bless the humble Manu'a. (Josh Tuito'elau Leasau)

November 25, 2013: To all of you Sons and Daughters of Manu'a: Talofa to you all, if you have not done anything for our lovely Manu'atele, this is your time to stand up and take part in the re-building of your heritage. From heaven to earth, to our ancestors to us. Manu'atele needs all of us to take part in her re-vitalization... Drop a note or come back home and visit and see where you can help out...See you on the shores of Manu'a...Faleasao, Fitiuta, Ofu, Olosega,Sili and Ta'u - The land of your Heritage... (Sualevai Sualevai - Fogagogo, American Samoa)

February 20, 2013: I would love to share my story with the folks at and the rest of my Manua aiga! I am a US Navy Veteran and daughter to (the late) Mr. Tupua Utu Feagiai from Ofu, Manu'a and Mrs. Leleai Feagiai (Namulauti) from Luma, Ta'u Manu'a. This past weekend, I competed in the 2013 Northwest Plus America Pageant. I walked away as the Mrs. WA Plus America 1st Runner up (I will maintain my raign as Mrs. Kitsap Plus America until 12/31/2013). I also won the "Executive Directors Award", The "CoverGirl" (so my face is on the cover of the event magazine! YAY!), TALENT, MODELING PORTFOLIO, and the PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD. Nationals is in July. IF our current Queen wins the National title, then the title of MRS WA PLUS AMERICA gets passed on to me. Faafetai Lava! (Tracy Feagiai-McNeal)

EDITOR NOTE: Congratulation Tracy!

February 1, 2013: Just want to stop by and drop out some alofa's on this page ... Also, just wanna say hi to all my families down here, Manu'a and abroad... To my Puletasi Family at Olosega, "Alofa le Atua, sa'ogalemu lenei tausaga e aunoa ma ni mala fa'alenatura..." (Lizadelle Jacqueline Lauti - Vatia, AS)

October 3, 2012: To all Sons and Daughters of Sili Village, and Manu'a in the military: You have til 10/9/2012 to register and vote here in American Samoa. The website is to register and request your absentee ballot. You and your spouse and 18yrs and up dependents can register on line to vote. As you all know, "High Talking Chief" Lolo Letalu Matalasi Moliga, is running for Governor with Lemanu Peleti Sialega Mauga, as his runningmate for Lt-Governor. Lolo hail from Manu'a, borned, raised, educated there and graduated from Manu'a High School as one of the member of the first graduating class of the Segaula. His runningmate, Lemanu is a retired U.S. Army Major. So, all of you our Manukan military brothers and sisters, lets do this for the betterness of our homeland. To restore Manu'a back to the days of her beauty and greatness, this is our only chance. GOD blessed and smooth sailing to all of you, til we meet again. Faafetai, faafetai tele. (Sualevai N.L. Sualevai - Fogagogo, American Samoa)

August 29, 2012: Talofa! Just wanted to say fa'afatai for all the information on this site. Oau palagi but f'a samoa from my tama Kavika Maefau. I am learning the Samoan gagana this site and your translator are very helpful thank you for this info. fa safua. (Randy Norman)

May 5, 2012: Looking for my brother Earl DeFazio. He is probably on a remote island of America Samoa, sick, and despondant. He WENT OFF THE GRID (no more email, phone, or address) 7 months ago. He is 62. (David DeFazio - Hamilton, Ohio)

April 3, 2012: Hey. I'm trying to find a man that goes by the name of Sam Sotoa, he should be around 59 or 62 years old. My mother, Josephine Ballentos (a.k.a. Vicky) and him were together a while ago around 1987. They had a son together on February 14, 1987. Their son's name is Sammy Sotoa. I know that their son was born in Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines. I'm trying to find my brother, who would be 24 or 25 now. If you have any way that I could contact Sam Sotoa, I would love to know. Email me. Thank you. (Victoria Face - Fremont, Michigan [])

February 14, 2012: Talofa lava, I come from the Tapuvae Faatiliga and Lemalu Togia bloodline. They are my grandparents (deceased), and they recided in Fagaalu, American Samoa. I beleive they're from Manu'a. Trying to locate any history of family... thanks! (James Faatiliga - Carson, Ca)

January 17, 2011: I noticed that the ownership of the Samoa News has changed its format which makes it almost impossible to blog in any criticism of the government and the humpty-dumpty team of Afoa-Faumuina... is there another American Samoa blog for real news about what is truly happening there? (Lorenzo - Honolulu, Hawai'i)

October 24, 2011: Trying to locate any information on Tu'ugalue Gordon and Atoa(Aau) Gordon. (approximate time line-early 1900's-mid 1900's) Tu'ugalue's possible place of birth was Manu'a? Please contact or (Laureen Mendiola-Johnson - Suisun, Ca)

July 26, 2011: Hi. I'm looking for anyone of the Poloai family from Olosega, Manua. I'm not looking for land just stories and history. I just found out that my great-grandma is from Olosega. I have no information on this side of the family. Please help. (Thelma Faifili, Salt Lake City, Utah)

June 25, 2011: I just found out this year that my mom's family came from the island of Manu'a. A man from Manu'a name Afatafua Tuiteletaimasa from Olosega Savaliatoa married Pese from Tau. Tufa married Lauvao Leloi from Tau, Leula'kuana had a daughter name Tumoe who married Lu. Looking for info on the Hawaiian man name Takahalua that married Lauvao's daughter [Malia]. Kuana poloai is from Olosega. Do you know any Poloai's from Manu'a? Any info will be very helpful. Mahalo. (Thelma Gago - Salt Lake City, Utah.

February 9, 2011: Seeking contacts for my siblings. Edmund, Florence and Miriam Alo.Please call me. Lost your #'s. Send email ( or call me directly @ 770-756-9553. The good Lord connected us before, I'm trusting him to do it again seeing that you're too busy to write. I love all. Don't be surprise to see us standing at your door this evening. Jessica, BJ, Booker & Ja'nya send their alofa's including myself. God bless always, Talofa 4-eva your Lil' Sis :-) (Rosely Atimani Alo-Booker - Georgia)

January 27, 2011: Talofa, malo le soifua manuia i Uso ma Tuafafine o samoa i Korea. O lo'u igoa o Afu Filisi. Faamolemole e manaomia le fesoasoani mo le matou PCSing i Korea. O loo fuafua ia Aperila e matou te taunuu atu ai; ole taimi nei o loo faatali i oka e avatu ai le matou aiga. faamolemole faafesoota'i mai a'u i la'u ako email poo la'u telefoni 253 306 0493...e tele nai fesili e fia malamalama ai aua le malaga atu. Ma lou faaaloalo lava. Faafetai. (Afu Filisi - Ft.Lewis WA)

January 24, 2011: My name is James Upega from Fitiuta Manu'a. I'm from the Upega Family in Aga'e. Just wanna send some ALOHA to all my family out there. TEHUI for lyphe... God Bless. Fa'amanuia Le Atua Ia Manu'a. (James Upega - Fitiuta Manu'a, American Samoa)

December 18, 2010: Talofa everyone! Just wanted 2 wish all of u on here a merry Christmas & happy new year! I pray for peace and joy in all of us especially now. I woke up this morning and had a wonderful moment of reflection that went back to the 80s, about Sili village where I once lived as a little girl. I have very fond memories of that special place and I can still picture in my mind what Sili looked like before the fateful disaster-- I miss my grandparents & great-grandparents, the late Maualuga's (olosega) and the late Aleaga's (ta'u). May they continue 2 rest in peace! To everyone that helped raise me, thank u for instilling good things in my heart as a young teine starting my life out in the most beautiful place on earth--have been around the world and nowhere else even comes close to our tropical island paradise Samoa--the sweet ocean breeze on a sunny day while relaxing under a shady coconut tree or in the faleo'o while grandma weaves her fala; waking up from an afternoon nap to the mouthwatering aroma of grandpa's freshly-uncovered umu papa and running to hug him before fafa'ing me on his back as we head 2 Olosega village 2 buy me some bongo's; and tagging along with the aunties on the low tide reef fishing for octopus and sea urchin as I collect pule (shells) for grandma--oh how I still remember all those things so clearly when I was no more than 4 or 5 yrs old. it's a blessing to remember and hold on to such a precious gift...yeah, nothing quite compares to the place where I (along w/ many others) left my heart so long ago. Although I've traveled far away from home to explore God's creation, I'll always remember who I am and where my native roots began. God bless u Manu'a and all of the beautiful islands everywhere! Always in my heart. Now on a more personal and serious note, my family, of strong men and women all over, my dear people of Samoa who have come a long way in history-- with utmost love n' respect I would like to take time to encourage u as a fellow daughter of Polynesia, to dig deep and continue 2 stand strong no matter what. Not just as Samoans, but as children of the Most High--we belong to our heavenly Father thru Christ Jesus. Now is our time to shine for our Savior and Lord who has truly rescued us from the miry clay of our past mistakes--when the world around us starts falling apart from chaos and uncertainties like the bible declares (it's already happening at all levels), let's continue 2 rise to the occasion no matter where we may be and share the beauty of our God-given gift of alofa that heals the broken-hearted. Who knows if we aren't here in the 4 corners of the world for such a time as this--to share what is within us--the great gift that holds the power to change our world--what power? It's the same power that brought us our restored relationship with the Creator. Our story is still being written, and it's time to finally stand as one with one voice--one love for humanity--we are one in the Lord! God's children are everywhere for a purpose. We who love the Lord can bring hope to a dying world. God remembered us Samoa! That is the most awesome thing! Share our story and make a difference! Ia manuia my people that I love and miss so much. Plz 4giv if this sista offended anyone. God bless! if u wanna keep in touch. (Theresa Ulupano Ioane-Daniels; Duncan, Oklahoma)

December 9, 2010: Hi everybody! MAD love out to my daddy up in Idaho. I really thank God for His wonderful love and care upon him while he was in the hospital. Fa'afetai lava lo'u loto i le Atua le Tama o i le lagi mo lona alofa ma lona agalelei ua maua ai si o'u tama le ola ma le malosi. Fa'apea fo'i si o'u tina ia So'oupu Nua. I thank God for giving her the strength that she really need. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers. I love you Lord with all my heart. You are an awesome God. Miss my Manukan family and friends in the Manu'a Islands. It's been decades now that I haven't been there. But sooner or later. I will reunite with y'all. Ya'll take care and be safe. Much alofas from the Nu'a and Galea'i family. MWAH MWAH!! MAD love out to my uncle Tuileama Nua now residing in Seattle, and aunty Anita. Thank you for everything. MAD love out to my uncle Ma'aka Nua and aunty Eterei in Hawai'i. Love and missed you both. My cuzn in Hawai'i. My uncle Oge and aunty Leuz kids. Luv and missed you guys dearly. Take care and be safe. My aunty Uluiva and uncle Edwin. May the good Lord be with with both and kids. To uncle Oge and aunty Leu. Much alofas to you both. Thank you for many advice and words of comfort when I am down. Much love to you both. To my aunty Fetalai and uncle Amosa. Really missed you guys. Much alofas. To aunty Lagi and kids in Vegas, love you guys all. To aunty Tauamo and uncle Tuialuuluu in Manu'a and kids. Much love no matter what. To my parents up in Idaho now, love and miss you guys so much. Hopefully we could all get together and celebrate with G-Ma/Mom Sooupu Nua. She loves and missed each and everyone of her kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and so forth. Just to let you know that all of you are in her prayers. E le galo lava outou i lona tatalo. Take care y'all, and know that she loves each and everyone of you no matter what. (Tamaliiomanu'a Galea'i Nua - Tafuna Happy Valley, American Samoa)

November 30, 2010: I was searching for ancestry info & was very pleased to have stumble across a very familiar name. My Great grandfather is Lafitaga Pulefaasisina who died I believe in 1989. He has 4 children. My Grandmother who has been deceased since 5/59, name Seutiatele Pule Alo (buried in Punchbowl Honolulu, Hawaiii) the oldest of 4 children followed by only blood son(that I know of) my granduncle Liona Lafitage who was married to my dad Sister Sose Masoli, my father's name is Sauifafo Masoli & my mother's name is Florence Alo. I am the Only Daughter of both of them. I was looking for my uncle Edmund Alo to see how my mother is doing please if anyone know contact me at (Doris Alo Masoli Hutchins - Atlanta, Georgia)

November 19, 2010: Just want it to stop by and send my alofas to all mah families at Olosega, Manu'a. It's been a long time-haven't seen each othas... just a reminder for those that are still tryin to recognize who I am. I'm Lizadelle Jacqueline Lauti, Lolita Puletasi and Falesau Fa'afetai Lauti's eldest daughter... Well, just want it to stop by, for one of the holiday is near -- Happy early Thanksgiving Day. God bless... (Lizadelle Jacqueline Lauti - Vatia, American Samoa)

November 7, 2010: I was adopted by Leutu Liufau in 1974 from Aua Samoa. My mom has since passed away and I have had 3 women tell me that they were my biological mother. Please if anyone knows any information for me I would appreciate it. Tini (Tini Liufau - Washington State)

October 29, 2010: I am just very happy and thanksful to who ever brought up this idea to letting us contract our friends and families back home. This is a really good idea thanks. But many of us have learned how hard life is back home in Manua Island, lack of business and lack good jobs to support families there. We lack good education for ours children to help improvement their lives with better careers. Comitting to an organization having a family requires constant sacrifices. Effective leadership is needed. I know life is hard, but we must do whatever we are supposed to do to build great careers. Lets pray to God. Talk to Him about what you need. Good things will happen to you as it happened to me. God has helped me so many time. Now I'm happy and I enjoy my single life with my kids. Just be happy and put our head up and smile. cha...cha.. luv Lima (Poulima E Lepisi - Salt Lake, Honolulu, Hawaii)

September 30, 2010: Hi Margaret Alo. I've been trying my best to locate the both you for over two years now. Please say hello to my brother Edmund. I will be expecting to hear from you real soon, like yesterday. My brother told me that you all were in the process of moving when I lost contact with him..I am planning to come home this year, if the good Lord wills.. for a couple of days. Many has happened since I last spoke to him...I was also trying to reach my sister Florence who does not like to answer her telephone. However, I can understand that being that we are 5-6 hrs ahead of you. Doris and family are doing well. Incliding my hubby. He was estatic to have read your message. Jessica is in the Army and BJ has completed his time in the Air Force for now...I ...Well..Please email me. I don't know about listing my info on this site/board. I am still in Ga. Yes, at the same address. Tell Edmund to please call me asap @ 678-650-9631. I love you sis and I miss you guys so much. You know Our Father in heaven is so good, No..much than that... He's AWESOME... He knows exactly when to connect us when his timing is right. So to all of you out there looking for someone, just pray, rest and wait...He never fails and is always on time when you least expect it and thru his source of contact like this site. God bless you who ever you are that created sites like this...Talofa & much alofas. RAtimaniAlo-Booker (Rosely A Alo - Atlanta, Georgia)

August 12, 2010: I'm hoping for the assistance of all my fellow Manukans out there. I'm looking for a TOLUAO LAUIFI MARTINEZ, maiden name LAUIFI, believed to be from the village of OLOSEGA. Unfortunatly I'm too young to remember much, but I am sort of on a deadline to locate her. She may have at one point lived in Taputimu area when she was younger, and the Long Beach area. Any help from anyone out there will be greaatly appreciated. Any relatives known to her would be great as well... Faafetai Manu'atele! (Teine Saumaa - Sili, Manu'a)

July 29, 2010: Hello there, my name is Jadon Jahnsen Tuiolosega. I just wanted to know if anyone knew or had any idea who is part of the royal family. Who would be on the thrown if the island was still a monarchy? Anyone who know please let me know. Just wanted to know a little more about my family history. Thanks. (Jadon Tuiolosega - Temecula, Ca)

June 26, 2010: Please, all of you sons and daughters of Manu'a around the world, whether serving in the U.S. Military or residing in that part of the world; you are all one, (Sons and Daughters of His Highness, the Great King Tuimanu'a). You don't have to spell it out. The royalty of His majesty is in each and everyone of you. Just humble yourself, act and speak like one. Keep the language clean and use the purpose of this website for a good reasons, to find your relatives and open a line of communication to other Manukans. To answer some of your concerns: The Malauulu family is from Faleasao Village, Vivao Family is from Ta'u. For Sili village, my condolences to all of you, our brother Fagaoali'i has gone to heaven. May he rest in peace. He and his wife and kids were the only ones stay behind the village. Now, his wife and kids are still carrying on in our beautiful village. Soifua to all of you. May God's blessing be upon all of you and keep you in His safety until we meet again. Faifailemu le Soifuaga. (Tamasauma'a - Fogagogo, American Samoa)

June 22, 2010: Hey! Hello and Talofa to you all from the city of Providence, Rhode Island. I am flattered to come across this website and am delight to see Manu'a has its own actually site to call its own. Well I'm not going to go on and bore everyone but I grew up in the village of Faleasao, Manuatele. I have resided there for a long time until graduating from high school when I left the island. I had many fond memories of back home, igavea at nite kuafale and sometimes pagi and lape esp swimming during the evenings after doing feaus. Those were the moments and I miss them days. Every childhood memory in Manua cannot be replaced for we have grown up, 'moved on' and have taken different career paths to where we are right now. But to tell you the truth, it was a blast and I wouldnt mind doing it all over again. Who remembers the long walks at nite and trying to hide a drink or cigg from the village elders? hehehehe...yeah we got away but those aoaoigas from aoga Samoa will haunt me for days to come. Yeah... this ones for all the ASOAUz worldwide, we did it and we're still in it to win it. Have fun, take care and be safe until next time... okey dokey then my Manukan People... I have to run. So tofa soifua, manuia le aso ma fuafuaga o loo totoe. Fa!!! (Tairikah - Providence, Rhode Island)

June 13, 2010: Hi Everyone, My name is Manua aka Charlie. I am trying to find Family of My Moms Side. My Grand Mothers Family is from Ta'u and her Maiden name was Vivao and thats about all i know. SO SADDD. I Know... It's like that because My Mom and her siblings were all born and raised from their Dads side (Mati) in Vailoa, A.S. My Dads Side also has roots from Manua, Ta'u. Last Name Malau'ulu... email pls if you know anything. ''. Thank You. (Manua Malau'ulu - San Francisco, California)

April 8, 2010: I'm trying to reach an old Navy friend of mine that I lost contact with. I heard while visiting Kapolei, Hawaii that he is now a Chief. His name is Sam Sotoa and should be around 59 or 62 yrs old. Would you be able to help me find him? (Donald G. Barnett - California)

March 6, 2010: Hi again it's me Martin. Well I forgot to say something about my sister in Iraq who is fighting for our freedom. So I want to take this precious opportunity to say that we are praying for your safe return home. We hope to see you soon. We love and care for you so much. May the good Lord help you with every steps of the way. LOVE AND MISSED YOU SO MUCH. Much love from me Martin (Martin Leuluai - Nu'uuli, American Samoa; attending ASCC)

March 4, 2010: I just wanted to say thanks to our Havenly Father above for his love and kindness to all the people of Manu'a. Eventhough we are in Hurricane and Tsunami season, we thank God that we are fine and protected in His caring arms. As of now I want to take this time to send my love to my parents and my whole family in Faleasao, Manu'a, to my mom Mrs Folauilagilelei and my dad Mr Fesuaimalo Leuluai, to my au kalepe number one Phelan and Nainoa, and never forget my lovely brother Fesuiaimalo Junior Leuluai. I love you guys so much and can't wait to see you guys again. Much love, (Martin Leuluai - Nu'uuli, American Samoa; attending ASCC)

March 3, 2010: Hi there. My husband is from the village of Fagasa. His name is Edmund A. Alo and he comes from the first Alo. He was born here in Honolulu. His mothers name is Sia Pule from the village of Utulei. Would like to hear from you if you know about the family. (Margaret Alo - Honolulu, Hawaii)

February 23, 2010: Hi my name is Tamalii but I'm mostly known as 'Lii'. I reside here in Am. Samoa, Tafuna village.. still goin to scool..(college)...I come from a family of 13, and I carry the best last name ever on earth "NUA".. So I'm here to say hi to all my MANUKAN family on this website...HHHHHIIIIIII!!!!!! even tho I don't know you and you don't know me I just wanted to say hi and kalofa*smilez*. But one reason for passing thru dis is to send ma big alofas to my MOM SOOUPU NUA up in Hawaii right now trynna finish up her medical treatments and appointments and all ya..and my other big big alofa goes out to my loving Father up in heaven, the late High Talking chief TOATOLUALII NUA.. I luv you daddy.. You're the best! To my biological parents I luv you both...and my alofa tele lava to all my Manukan family in Manu'a... Lii luvz u!!!...mmmwwwaaahhh!!!!! Peace out.. (Tamaliiomanu'a Galeai Nua - Tafuna Happy Valley, American Samoan)

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